Gruff Goat Information Services

Gruff Goat provides professional IT and Internet services

(This web site is due for a major content and style overhaul. Some of the content may no longer reflect current practices)

Our services include network and web site assessment, design, acquisition, installation, and administration. Gruff Goat is located near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We limit our network services to this area, but our web site services are available to all. Gruff Goat has been helping clients meet their vision since 1996.

Gruff Goat recently added to our array of services. provides clients a low cost entry into maintaining a web presence.

For our clients (and visitors) we offer support online; via software updates, help files, FAQs, and detailed instructions. Some of this is very client specific but general users will find much of it worthwhile.

A thriving community is essential for a high quality life. Gruff Goat provides discounted services to a number of local non-profit organizations and supports their goals.

Q. What is Internet hosting?

A: Internet hosting covers a range of Internet services, including:

  • Email
  • Web site
  • Listserve
  • Web application
  • FTP
  • DNS
  • SSL

In order for a business to maintain an Internet presence it must have some type of Internet hosting.

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